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Kvalda: Blindfold (2011)

Jazz quartet Kvalda combines lucid Scandinavian jazz and free expression into a fresh and modern blend of music.

On this third album “Blindfold” Kvalda continues with its distinctive acoustic sound while bringing also more personal stories and tales in the music. On ”Blindfold” the quartet explores the borderlines of music combining influences of pop and jazz.

Kvalda was formed in 2002 by Aili Ikonen (vocals), Antti Kujanpää (piano), Jori Huhtala (bass) and Hanne Pulli (drums). Kvalda won the inter-Nordic competition “Young Nordic Jazz Comets” in 2004 and has been performing widely both in Europe and in Finland since then. It is characteristic of the quartet to diffuse the boundaries of improvisation and composition.

Kvalda has released three albums: Blindfold (2011), Leia (2007) and Kvalda (2004).


Antti Kujanpää

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