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Jargoslavia (2017)

Jargoslavia was founded in 2012 by multi-instrumentalist Jarkko Jargeli Niemelä (eg. Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha, Alamaailman Vasarat, Celenka, Tulenkantajat) with the idea to collect his friends from several rhythm music ensembles together to interpret his original compositions. The music of Jargoslavia is influenced by different parts of the Balkans, the folk music of the Northern Africa together with explosive progressive jazz-funk. The Finnish lyrics with Lapland dialect complements the whole with topics like life in the mystical Jargoslavia, the nature itself and injustice of the world, not to forget about the joys of life like eating, drinking and… you know.

At the concerts, Jargoslavia has enchanted the audiences during the last few years: H2Ö -festival, Balkan Fever Club, World of Tango Festival, Flame Jazz Cruise and in the live music clubs all over Finland. The orchestra has visited the southern and eastern neighboring states of Estonia and Russia, too.

Karuna: Tuulispää (2016)

Tuulispää is the second album of the contemporary folk music trio Karuna with Esko Järvelä on nyckelharpa and violin, Juha Kujanpää on piano and Teija Niku on accordion. They have composed and arranged the new album together, resulting in music which well represents each member’s personal style and different musical influences. One can hear both the dynamics of chamber music as well as the energy and rhythm of Nordic folk music in the ensemble. Instrumental tunes have been influenced by the drowning of the Syrian 3-year old boy Aylan in the Mediterranean Sea, the sun rising on a March morning and a sudden musical inspiration in the middle of a warm shower. Animals have also been taken into account with a couple of meandering compositions.

Just before the official release of the album Karuna toured in Northern Germany where their new music was greatly praised. The trio will tour next in the US (Minnesota, Washington and Oregon) for two weeks during June 2016. In Finland they will be playing at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival on July 12.

Aleksi: Edge of Wind (2015)

‘Edge of Wind’ is a 45-minute offering of ear-soothing sounds. The changes from minimalistic fragile parts to massive roar of sound. Guitar and effects play together in a way you really don’t hear every day. Listeners so far have described their experience as ‘a look into my soul’ or ‘putting myself in hibernation’.

‘Edge of Wind’ is the first solo album by Finnish guitarist Aleksi Manninen.

– The pieces were mostly recorded with one take which made them so intensive. I had no schedule pressure so I was able to work on ideas until the moment they were absolutely ready for recording, tells Manninen.

The record is the sixth release by Helsinki-based Kuu Records, well known for its original artist roster.


Reporters (2015)

Reporters gains its musical influences from bending the boundaries of boogaloo, rock and the country song that got lost somewhere in the streams of River Delta. Band’s lyrics research into ironical side of relationships, social melancholy and dark humour to enhance the survival in our society.

Reporters proudly invites you on a musical journey of twangy guitars, haunting organ sounds, time stretching rhythmic patterns and stories all the way to the point of no return.

Petri Kautto: guitar & vocals
Antti Kujanpää: organ
Ville Pynssi: drums

Celenka (2015)

Emmi Kujanpää (vocals, kantele and dance),
Eero Grundström (harmonium, vocals and harmonica)
Jarkko Niemelä (trumpet and vocals)

Celenka is a fresh Finnish trio bursting with virtuoso musicianship and in possession of the daring to combine tradition with new musical creations. The trio has arranged their music for a rare combination of vocals, kantele, trumpet and harmonium.

Celenka’s debut album is made of the best qualities of East European music: one can hear magically sensitive ballads, touching narratives and wild shamanistic dances. The vocalist Emmi Kujanpää has collected songs on field trips to Bulgaria and Karelia (Vienan Karjala specifically), where she has received songs directly from the holders of the old traditions. Some songs on this album have been discovered from musical archives, while another group of compositions were newly written and arranged by the band members for this record.

Juha Kujanpää: Kivenpyörittäjä / Tales and travels (2013)

Composer and pianist Juha Kujanpää released his first solo album as a composer. The album “Tales and Travels” combines two sides of Kujanpää’s musicianship, acoustic Nordic folk and electric rock/jazz music, resulting in a special, distinctive musical world. “Tales and travels” is instrumental music with a large ensemble and a strong “Finnish” sound. It combines beautiful violin melodies with aggressive fuzz guitars, sounds of Finnish forests and the nights of July.

Besides Kujanpää, who plays piano, reed organ and keyboards, the core line-up of the album consists of some well-established Finnish folk players and electric rock/jazz musicians: Tommi Asplund, Esko Järvelä and Kukka Lehto (violins), Timo Kämäräinen (guitar), Tero Tuovinen (bass) and Jussi Miettola (drums).

Kirjava Lintu: Unilintu (2012)

This is ”Unilintu”, an album by Kirjava lintu, a modern folk music group from Finland. The album was released on 16.04.2012 by Kuu Records. Unilintu is ”Dream Bird” in English, and the name of the group, Kirjava lintu, translates into ”Colorful Bird”.

Kirjava lintu is a group founded in 2004. It combines modern Nordic folk, songs and Finnish poetry in its music. Band’s first, self-titled album was released in 2007 and got excellent reviews. The new album ”Unilintu” consists of Juha Kujanpää’s and Minna-Liisa Tammela’s new compositions based on folk poetry and some new original poems. The band has been performing all around Finland. Most of its members also play in other well-known folk music groups, such as Tsuumi Sound System, Jouhiorkesteri, Nord String Quartet, Spontaani Vire, Suo and Karuna.

Musician and singer Riikka Hänninen’s thoughts about “Unilintu”:

In the music of Kirjava lintu folk poetry and modern poetry are combined with the original, folk-influenced compositions and refined arrangements of Juha Kujanpää and Minsku Tammela. Among the tunes you’ll find a selection of cheerful, fast dance tunes and comforting ballads. The masterful “pelimanni”-violinism of Emilia Lajunen (violin and nyckelharpa) and Tommi Asplund (violin) is matched by the rhythmic playing of Hannu Risku (percussion), Ilkka Heinonen (bass) and Juha Kujanpää (piano and harmonium). Minna-Liisa Tammela’s voice has the strength and clarity for telling stories and fairy tales about the magic of winter, birds, origin of fire, the praise of love.

Kirjava lintu is dancing between the border of European culture and Nordic folk music. The poetry on Unilintu is based either on the Finnish Kalevala tradition or otherwise very much connected with nature. The compositions are diverse and fabulously beautiful.

Kvalda: Blindfold (2011)

Jazz quartet Kvalda combines lucid Scandinavian jazz and free expression into a fresh and modern blend of music.

On this third album “Blindfold” Kvalda continues with its distinctive acoustic sound while bringing also more personal stories and tales in the music. On ”Blindfold” the quartet explores the borderlines of music combining influences of pop and jazz.

Kvalda was formed in 2002 by Aili Ikonen (vocals), Antti Kujanpää (piano), Jori Huhtala (bass) and Hanne Pulli (drums). Kvalda won the inter-Nordic competition “Young Nordic Jazz Comets” in 2004 and has been performing widely both in Europe and in Finland since then. It is characteristic of the quartet to diffuse the boundaries of improvisation and composition.

Kvalda has released three albums: Blindfold (2011), Leia (2007) and Kvalda (2004).


Antti Kujanpää

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